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The Nuclear Fuel Cycle:

The Fuel Cycle and Materials Laboratory (FCML) facilitates faculty and student research and development opportunities dealing with depleted and enriched uranium that is used within the fuel cycle conversion and enrichment process for fuel fabrication use in nuclear reactors. For more information regarding the nuclear fuel cycle, please visit the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission website.


Fuel Cycle and Materials Laboratory Fact Sheet:

Year Established Established in 2006
Active Projects

7 Research Grants and Contracts Currently Active

  • Advanced Metallic Nuclear Fuels: Design and Development
  • Fuel Performance Experiments and Modeling: Fission Gas Bubble Nucleation and Growth in Alloy Nuclear Fuels
  • High Thermal Conductivity Oxide Nuclear Fuels: Concept Design and Preparation for Irradiation Testing
  • Real-Time Detection of Actinide Compositions in the UREX+ Process
  • Irradiation Behavior and Performance of a UraniumZirconium Metal Alloy Fuel
  • Accelerated Characterization and Performance Assessment of the Used Nuclear Fuel Storage System
  • RERTR Fuel Development: Particle Coatings & Thermal Properties
Number of Students


Graduate: 17

Total: 24

Completed Graduate Degrees: 11

FCML Awards
  • Program
  • Individual
    • Dr. Sean McDeavitt
      • 2010  Charles H. Barclay Jr. '45 Faculty Fellow from Texas A&M University College of Engineering.
      • 2005 Purdue Research Foundation International Travel Grant for travel to 2005 International Congress on Advances in Nuclear Power Plants in Seoul, South Korea.
      • 2004 American Nuclear Society, Materials Science and Technology Division, "2002 Significant Contribution Award" for research.
      • 2003 "Outstanding Mentor Award" from 2002 U.S Department of Energy education programs.
      • 2002 Argonne National Laboratory, "Critical Skills" Award.
      • 1996 American Nuclear Society Literary Award ("Best Paper") from the ANS Materials Science and Technology Division.
      • 1995 Argonne National Laboratory Pacesetter Award.
      • 1990-91 Purdue University, Magoon Teaching Award for graduate student teaching.
      • 1987-88 Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) Graduate Fellowship in Nuclear Engineering, Purdue University.
      • 1986-87 Institute of Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) Undergraduate Scholarship in Nuclear Engineering, Purdue University
    • Adam Parkison
      • 2011 1st place U.S. Department of Energy's Innovations in Fuel Cycle Research Awards competition, Nuclear Fuels division.
    • William Sames
      • 2010 Level II National Excellence Fellowship
      • 2011  U.S. Department of Innovations in Fuel Cycle Research Awards competition, undergraduate division.
    • Marie Arietta
      • 2010 Sandia National Laboratory Fellowship
    • Braden Goddard
      • 2009 Roy G. Post Foundation Scholarship
    • Braden Goddard
      • 2009 J.D. Institute of Nuclear Materials Management Williams Student Paper Award, First Place
    • K.A. Wright
      • 2007 U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative (AFCI) Fellowship (to Texas A&M).
    • P.A. Mews
      • 2007 ANS Student Conference - Best Paper.
    • A.R. Totemeier
      • 2006 Roy G. Post Scholarship (to Texas A&M).
    • P.A. Mews
      • 2006 U.S. Department of Energy Advanced Fuel Cycle Initiative (AFCI) Fellowship (to Texas A&M).
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Department Texas A&M Department of Nuclear Engineering
Number Of Publications

Undergrad Publications: 2

Graduate Publications: 15

Dr. McDeavitt Publications: 169


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