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Assistant Laboratory Manager

              Brandon Blamer

Assistant Laboratory Manager, Fuel Cycle & Materials Laboratory Program Office






Mr. Brandon Blamer joined the Fuel Cycle and Materials Laboratory in 2010 as an undergraduate research assistant and is now working on his Master of Nuclear Engineering. He hopes to someday earn his Ph.D. His areas of interest deal with nuclear fuel research and development, corrosion resistant materials, and fast reactor development. Mr. Blamer's current research deals with developing a fuel form for fast reactors that is specially designed to have a longer core lifetime by combating fuel swelling. Mr. Blamer is also currently serving as the assistant laboratory manager. While his main duty is to oversee the undergraduates who work in the lab, he also assists the laboratory director with laboratory operations. He plans on working as a researcher at a national laboratory upon completion of his graduate studies. He is a member of Theta Tau, a national professional co-ed engineering fraternity. Brandon is from Waxahachie, Texas and enjoys playing basketball, tennis, swimming, skiing, and playing video games.

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