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FCML Laboratory Manager

              Dr. Delia Perez-Nunez

Laboratory Manager, Fuel Cycle & Materials Laboratory Program Office 






Dr. Delia Perez-Nuñez joined the Fuel Cycle and Materials Laboratory (FCML) in the spring of 2012. Dr. Perez received her Bachelor of Science in Physics at the Universidad Central de Venezuela in 1998 where she specialized in instrumentation. She received her Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering at Texas A&M University (TAMU) in 2008. In the spring of 2012 Dr. Perez was appointed the position of FCML laboratory manager.

While attending Universidad Central de Venezuela Dr. Perez served as a teaching assistant for the Physics Program within the Science Department, a research assistant in the Molecular Physical Lab and a part-time lecturer within the physics program for the Science and Engineering Department. In the summer of 2007 she worked on the Lockheed Martin Crew Exploration Vehicle where she designed an innovative new radiation detector system that will be part of the core of the active radiation monitoring scheme for the Orion vehicle and future constellation elements.

When Dr. Perez joined TAMU in 2003 she served as a graduate research assistant where she studied the role of repair in the production of DNA damage in directly irradiated cells. In 2006 she became a graduate assistant non-teaching where she designed the handout and class visual aids for graduate classes in the following courses: Principles of Radiological Safety; Radiation Measure & Calibration; and Microdosimetry. As a postdoctoral research associate in 2008,  Dr. Perez conducted research and development for a project funded by NASA, pertaining to a new type of Tissue Equivalent Proportional Counter (TEPC) to measure the quality and quantity of ionizing radiation. The detector is now the replacement TEPC for the International Space Station. Also, she worked helping to develop a compact TPEC for Space Radiation Dosimetry beyond low Earth orbit for NSBRI.  In 2010 she was granted a position as an assistant research scientist.

As the laboratory manager for the FCML, Dr. Perez is responsible for providing support to the students within the laboratory's day-to-day technical operations. Furthermore, she ensures that the FCML operates within the regulatory confines of the Texas A&M Nuclear Engineering Department, Texas A&M University and the Texas Engineering Experiment Station (TEES). Dr. Perez upholds all safety procedures and policies set forth by the FCML, Texas A&M University, and TEES, as well as implement new policies and procedures when the need arises. She is also responsible for the auditing and testing of the systems and equipment within the lab to ensure that each facet of the lab is running a safely and efficiently as possible. Dr. Perez's many years within research and academia has provided her with the necessary experience to offer her support and knowledge to FCML personnel. 



Curriculum Vitae:

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Contact Info:

  • Office: 340A Zachry Engineering Center
  • Phone: 979-845-4021
  • E-mail:


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